Practice Progression

Aesthetically Pleasing Lard


For this piece, I simply experimented more with the size and colour of the sculptures. By also spending more time on each sculpture, I had a stronger connection with the material and the manipulation of it.

However, I realised after I had made the piece, that it actually looked very aesthetically pleasing, and upon the sharing of this piece on social media, one person commented ‘I want to eat it’. Upon reflection, I have realised that the feelings I am trying to make physical and visual entities are actually quite hostile, negative feelings. The anxieties I am trying to show through my work are not meant to look pleasing and nice to touch. I want the sculptures to look interesting and grab attention, but not to be desirable objects.

Therefore, as I still like the material and the juxtaposition of the internal and the aesthetic, I want to play around with the sculpture more, by changing certain factors about it. I almost want
the sculpture to look mauled, off, and unpleasant. My current internal state is full of fullsizeoutput_da3worry, unease, and anxiety, and that is what I want to communicate with this work, rather
than a piece of work that looks fun, playful and safe.

Up close, the work looks off-putting and slimy. These qualities are ones I wish to emphasise more within my work. Although I like m
aking work in the present moment and doing performances etc, I would be interested to see how these close-ups would look blown up as a large projection. The work would then fill and encompass the room, giving the audience a sense of fear as the projection overwhelms the space, which is exactly what my anxiety can feel like.


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