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Caroline Achaintre

Achaintre started her talk by talking about her drawing as the thing that informs her other work. She then started to make her drawing into rugs. Achaintre then had many questions about showing the work such as: is the work a rug or is it an image? She did find it interesting as a piece… Continue reading Caroline Achaintre

Practice Progression

Re-filming ‘The Artist: Altered’

Today a re-filmed a piece I made not long ago to improve the quality. Please see below for the full piece:  

Gallery/Exhibition Blogs

The First Exhibition I Organised: ‘If the Shoe Fits’ at Surtsey Projects, Liverpool.

The first show I organised was on 17th March, and I curated it and featured my work in it with nine other third year students. We exhibited the work it the Surtsey Projects Gallery in Liverpool and then deinstalled the show the next day. The show worked really well as an exhibition and the public… Continue reading The First Exhibition I Organised: ‘If the Shoe Fits’ at Surtsey Projects, Liverpool.

Practice Progression

The ‘Specific Points of Interest’ Series

On 16th March 2017, I exhibited the 'Specific Points of Interest' Series as part of the group show 'If the Show Fits', at Surtsey Projects Gallery in Liverpool. Following on from my lard sculpture work and my recent film piece 'The Artist: Altered', I decided to push those ideas forward, by highlighting the process of… Continue reading The ‘Specific Points of Interest’ Series

Gallery/Exhibition Blogs

Rory Macbeth X Passive Aggressive Collaborative Systems

I went to help set up the show to help with the last tweaks, and as I walked into the space in the afternoon, disco-type lights and fluorescent animations were on. However, in the daylight they looked minimal and not very effective. As the day went on, and it became dark just before the show… Continue reading Rory Macbeth X Passive Aggressive Collaborative Systems


Q&A With Artist Sam Dobson~ #Giveaway #RT

Love Books Group

16402919_760390854109968_6691139363382474545_o Sam Dobson

My practice has always used personal experiences as a vehicle to produce work, as this has been a potent method of self-healing and self-understanding. My work is then exhibited for the audience to react and respond to on their own level of understanding. Branching out beyond this, I have started to explore the notion of social healing through performance. Recently, I have been researching materiality and exploring the subject matter of making my internal state a visual entity. By juxtaposing this with my external aesthetic, I also intend to highlight cultural, political and social issues within society today, particularly those concerning the stigma of mental health. By using this as a foundation, I then introduce a range of materials, techniques and influences, whereby reflecting on these outcomes I can learn from my successes and failures which ultimately develops and strengthens my practice.

Although my work stems from the…

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Artist Talks

Dancehall: Hannah Ellul and Ben Knight

Hannah Ellul and Ben Knight started their talk by saying that Dancehall came about from promoting gigs, which then developed into collaboration. They then started doing more curatorial creative projects which also included music experimentation.   “Dancehall is about how we might reflect on a sonic experience”   Hannah and Ben then went on to… Continue reading Dancehall: Hannah Ellul and Ben Knight