Practice Progression

Flaws: A Study

Following my residency at Joya in June, I have been thinking more and more about the starting points that help develop my practice, and the techniques that provide pathways forward in terms of my experimentation. I soon realised how although I am certainly not a painter, and I profess no outstanding talents concerning paint, acrylic… Continue reading Flaws: A Study

Practice Progression

Patchwork Quilt: Collaborative Project

After coming across a new project by Midlands based artist Niamh Treacy, I was keen to find out more and potentially get involved. The project revolves around the production of patchwork quilt consisting of two sides: one representing the lows of suffering from mental health issues and one representing the freedom or relief that may come from… Continue reading Patchwork Quilt: Collaborative Project

Gallery/Exhibition Blogs

‘This Way Up’ Exhibition at Zuhouse, Liverpool

This Way Up was an innovative and thought-provoking exhibition which featured the drawings of Anna Houghton, Charlotte Southall, Ellie Hoskins, Jon Edgley, Luke George, Rory Larbalestier and Sian Cooper. The space was used in a very unusual way, where the walls and ceiling were covered in cardboard, with the drawings being mixed up and (what seemed… Continue reading ‘This Way Up’ Exhibition at Zuhouse, Liverpool

Practice Progression

Love and Death

Over the last few days, I have been thinking more and more about apple pie. Mainly, how this can be such a subtle symbol of my grandad's love of it, but at the same time, a symbol of my grandad's deterioration. To me, I look at an apple pie and I'm transported back to my childhood, when I would… Continue reading Love and Death

Practice Progression

Back to Painting

Painting has recently been something I have done as a starting point and a way of playing around with material without the worry of- "where is this work going?". Using my hands only, I mix and apply the paint with one hand, but use the other hand to explore my body, to assess how feels… Continue reading Back to Painting

Practice Progression

Re-evaluating my Art Practice: Food

After reflecting on the huge body of work I made during my degree, I soon realised that often I used food as a material in my work. Whether this be bell peppers, mince meat, or lard (amongst other items), food is a material I have used for nostalgic purposes to convey a multitude of concepts.… Continue reading Re-evaluating my Art Practice: Food

Practice Progression

Re-evaluating my Art Practice: Process

One thing that my Art Residency at Joya: Arte and Ecologia has taught me to do after only one week of being here, is to give myself time and space. Time away from the distractions of everyday life, and space to breathe- to reconnect with myself. Once I had these two elements, the core beliefs… Continue reading Re-evaluating my Art Practice: Process

Practice Progression

I Want to be This Branch

'I Want to be This Branch' evolved on my Joya residency following an obsession with a specific branch sticking out of stagnant water from a creek. I became jealous of the branch, with its lack of purpose and undisturbed existence. I craved the branch's same stillness and simplicity, so attempted mimicking its appearance and position in the creek… Continue reading I Want to be This Branch

Practice Progression

I Want to be that Branch.

I came across this scene on my first walk at Joya and I was immediately fascinated by it. This outstretched branch, just existing in the clay, throwing a shadow onto the surface- its only mark on the earth. The longer I stared at the composition of the stagnant water and the branch, the more and… Continue reading I Want to be that Branch.

Practice Progression

Joya Arte and Ecología Art Residency: Where to Start

How I Avoided the Dreaded Artist’s Block: After finishing my degree and showing the final outcome of a huge body of work, I have been finding it incredibly difficult to then pick up and continue developing my art practice. Therefore, in an attempt to avoid the black-hole sensation of an artist’s block, I am at Joya… Continue reading Joya Arte and Ecología Art Residency: Where to Start