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Reflections from my Group Critique on 30th March 2017

As we have already organised and curated a show as a group, our University tutor said that our crit should be an opportunity to experiment with work that is either unfinished, or finished work that we don’t really understand. Therefore, a few days before, I decided that I was going to show the version of… Continue reading Reflections from my Group Critique on 30th March 2017

Artist Blogs

The Happenings

After becoming so interested in the process of making art rather than the final piece, and then becoming increasingly interested in performance as an art form, I stumbled across ‘The Happenings’. I cannot believe I had not come across this before, as it seems so perfect and apt to the work I am doing now.… Continue reading The Happenings

Practice Progression

‘The Artist: Altered’ (2017)

For the film I made called The Artist: Altered, I juxtaposed the internal material of the lard once more, with the physical aesthetic of my own body. The material refers to my internal state which can overwhelm and occupy the mind and body. This is a film of me squashing one of my lard sculptures.… Continue reading ‘The Artist: Altered’ (2017)

Practice Progression

‘Self Portrait on a Tuesday’ 2017

As I made this sculpture using my body mapping method, I view this as a portrait of myself in that present moment, hence the title 'Self Portrait on Tuesday'. If I were to make the sculpture again, it would be totally different, despite it again being a portrait of myself. The sculpture shows my internal… Continue reading ‘Self Portrait on a Tuesday’ 2017

Practice Progression

Aesthetically Pleasing Lard

For this piece, I simply experimented more with the size and colour of the sculptures. By also spending more time on each sculpture, I had a stronger connection with the material and the manipulation of it. However, I realised after I had made the piece, that it actually looked very aesthetically pleasing, and upon the… Continue reading Aesthetically Pleasing Lard

Practice Progression

Sculpting with Lard

Since my tutorial with the artist Marvin Gaye Chetwynd, I have been wanting to revisit my experimentations making lard sculptures and push them further. It wasn't really appropriate at the time to colour the lard, as I wanted my work to be purely from the internal. I now want to experiment with embracing the aesthetic aspect… Continue reading Sculpting with Lard

Practice Progression

Reflecting on the Two Exhibitions I was Involved in at Cain’s Brewery

After the meeting with Joe Orr our curator, we were aware that we were needing to put three pieces of work into the different spaces, all varying in sizes. I was then faced with the problem of how to exhibit a performance piece in three pieces. After thinking about the subject matter and context of… Continue reading Reflecting on the Two Exhibitions I was Involved in at Cain’s Brewery