My work is Front Cover and Featured in Issue 2 of Habitat Magazine!

Many thanks to Habitat Magazine for featuring my artwork. Please see the website for the full issue:  


Q&A With Artist Sam Dobson~ #Giveaway #RT

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16402919_760390854109968_6691139363382474545_o Sam Dobson

My practice has always used personal experiences as a vehicle to produce work, as this has been a potent method of self-healing and self-understanding. My work is then exhibited for the audience to react and respond to on their own level of understanding. Branching out beyond this, I have started to explore the notion of social healing through performance. Recently, I have been researching materiality and exploring the subject matter of making my internal state a visual entity. By juxtaposing this with my external aesthetic, I also intend to highlight cultural, political and social issues within society today, particularly those concerning the stigma of mental health. By using this as a foundation, I then introduce a range of materials, techniques and influences, whereby reflecting on these outcomes I can learn from my successes and failures which ultimately develops and strengthens my practice.

Although my work stems from the…

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