Gallery/Exhibition Blogs

Pippa Eason and Ellie Hoskins: ‘Still Scrolling’ at The Trophy Room Gallery.

Really glad I got the chance to see Pippafullsizeoutput_dab.jpeg‘s
work in an exhibition. Although I feel that the space was a little too small to really appreciate some of Pippa’s work, it was interesting to see her work juxtaposed with Ellie Hoskin’s work. The two artist’s work came together well yet the difference between the two were clear. The exhibition looked playful and not too serious, with even the colours of the works coming across as playful.

When considering the subject matter behind the artist’s work though, with concerns of existentialism and symbolism, I found a sort of irony in the playful aesthetics that come across initially, as upon further inspection, the work can be read very differently.

In terms of my own practice, I was interested to see how Pippa’s work was curated, with some work installed on shelves (see photo and some work hanging from walls etc. I though about how my work could be installed like this, and it gave me food for though, as I imagined how the material in my work could react to the curation of the space, even from a practical point of view. On a wooden shelf for instance, the fat form the lard could seep into the wood, or even drip off the shelf. The prospects of this were interesting to me, as I started to think about how this could alter the way the audience reacted to my work.


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