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Love and Death

Over the last few days, I have been thinking more and more about apple pie. Mainly, how this can be such a subtle symbol of my grandad's love of it, but at the same time, a symbol of my grandad's deterioration. To me, I look at an apple pie and I'm transported back to my childhood, when I would… Continue reading Love and Death

Practice Progression

Re-evaluating my Art Practice: Food

After reflecting on the huge body of work I made during my degree, I soon realised that often I used food as a material in my work. Whether this be bell peppers, mince meat, or lard (amongst other items), food is a material I have used for nostalgic purposes to convey a multitude of concepts.… Continue reading Re-evaluating my Art Practice: Food

Practice Progression

I Want to be This Branch

'I Want to be This Branch' evolved on my Joya residency following an obsession with a specific branch sticking out of stagnant water from a creek. I became jealous of the branch, with its lack of purpose and undisturbed existence. I craved the branch's same stillness and simplicity, so attempted mimicking its appearance and position in the creek… Continue reading I Want to be This Branch

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Researching for a piece of Creative Writing.

I have recently been inspired by Danielle Freakley's 'The Quote Generator', which is where Freakley used just quotes for three years. This made me think about the notion of originality, and whether there is any such thing as being purely original. Danielle Freakley 'The Quote Generator' Using just quotes/paraphrasing, is how I want to structure my publication… Continue reading Researching for a piece of Creative Writing.