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The LJMU Degree Show 2017

On the evening of the 25th May 2017, the John Lennon Art and Design Building in Liverpool opened its doors to welcome the public and showcase the vibrant work of creative individuals from subjects such as Fine Art and Fashion. Each floor offered something different, with a dark room on the ground floor, footage from the… Continue reading The LJMU Degree Show 2017

Practice Progression

‘It Wasn’t Meant to be Like This (It Was Meant to be Like This)’

Still-shot from my degree show film 'It Wasn't Meant to be Like This (It Was Meant to be Like This)' ​I changed elements of the piece slightly to improve its aesthetic. Although I was going to use a white background, I realised that the black background would actually suit it better as I begin to… Continue reading ‘It Wasn’t Meant to be Like This (It Was Meant to be Like This)’

Practice Progression

‘The Artist: Altered’ (2017)

For the film I made called The Artist: Altered, I juxtaposed the internal material of the lard once more, with the physical aesthetic of my own body. The material refers to my internal state which can overwhelm and occupy the mind and body. This is a film of me squashing one of my lard sculptures.… Continue reading ‘The Artist: Altered’ (2017)

Practice Progression

‘Self Portrait on a Tuesday’ 2017

As I made this sculpture using my body mapping method, I view this as a portrait of myself in that present moment, hence the title 'Self Portrait on Tuesday'. If I were to make the sculpture again, it would be totally different, despite it again being a portrait of myself. The sculpture shows my internal… Continue reading ‘Self Portrait on a Tuesday’ 2017