Practice Progression

Flaws: A Study

Following my residency at Joya in June, I have been thinking more and more about the starting points that help develop my practice, and the techniques that provide pathways forward in terms of my experimentation. I soon realised how although I am certainly not a painter, and I profess no outstanding talents concerning paint, acrylic… Continue reading Flaws: A Study

Practice Progression

Patchwork Quilt: Collaborative Project

After coming across a new project by Midlands based artist Niamh Treacy, I was keen to find out more and potentially get involved. The project revolves around the production of patchwork quilt consisting of two sides: one representing the lows of suffering from mental health issues and one representing the freedom or relief that may come from… Continue reading Patchwork Quilt: Collaborative Project

Gallery/Exhibition Blogs

‘This Way Up’ Exhibition at Zuhouse, Liverpool

This Way Up was an innovative and thought-provoking exhibition which featured the drawings of Anna Houghton, Charlotte Southall, Ellie Hoskins, Jon Edgley, Luke George, Rory Larbalestier and Sian Cooper. The space was used in a very unusual way, where the walls and ceiling were covered in cardboard, with the drawings being mixed up and (what seemed… Continue reading ‘This Way Up’ Exhibition at Zuhouse, Liverpool

Gallery/Exhibition Blogs

The LJMU Degree Show 2017

On the evening of the 25th May 2017, the John Lennon Art and Design Building in Liverpool opened its doors to welcome the public and showcase the vibrant work of creative individuals from subjects such as Fine Art and Fashion. Each floor offered something different, with a dark room on the ground floor, footage from the… Continue reading The LJMU Degree Show 2017

Practice Progression

‘It Wasn’t Meant to be Like This (It Was Meant to be Like This)’

Still-shot from my degree show film 'It Wasn't Meant to be Like This (It Was Meant to be Like This)' ​I changed elements of the piece slightly to improve its aesthetic. Although I was going to use a white background, I realised that the black background would actually suit it better as I begin to… Continue reading ‘It Wasn’t Meant to be Like This (It Was Meant to be Like This)’

Artist Blogs

Hedwig Houben: Five Possible Lectures on Six Possibilities for a Sculpture (2012)

I am really interested in Hedwig Houben's approach to performance, and the way she interacts with sculptures in the space. She experiments in a lot of her work with blurring the line between the process and the finished piece, and this has been an aspect present in my own practice which I have been experimenting… Continue reading Hedwig Houben: Five Possible Lectures on Six Possibilities for a Sculpture (2012)

Artist Talks

Artist Talk: Mark Leckey

Mark Leckey introduced his talk by saying “I’m having a crisis.” Although that must feel like torture for him, it actually comforted me in a strange way. To know that artists who have ‘made it’, still go through times in their career where their inspiration dries up, makes me realise that it’s ok to sometimes… Continue reading Artist Talk: Mark Leckey

Artist Talks

Caroline Achaintre

Achaintre started her talk by talking about her drawing as the thing that informs her other work. She then started to make her drawing into rugs. Achaintre then had many questions about showing the work such as: is the work a rug or is it an image? She did find it interesting as a piece… Continue reading Caroline Achaintre