Practice Progression

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Painting has recently been something I have done as a starting point and a way of playing around with material without the worry of- "where is this work going?". Using my hands only, I mix and apply the paint with one hand, but use the other hand to explore my body, to assess how feels… Continue reading Back to Painting

Practice Progression

Joya Arte and Ecología Art Residency: Where to Start

How I Avoided the Dreaded Artist’s Block: After finishing my degree and showing the final outcome of a huge body of work, I have been finding it incredibly difficult to then pick up and continue developing my art practice. Therefore, in an attempt to avoid the black-hole sensation of an artist’s block, I am at Joya… Continue reading Joya Arte and Ecología Art Residency: Where to Start

Practice Progression

Sculpting with Lard

Since my tutorial with the artist Marvin Gaye Chetwynd, I have been wanting to revisit my experimentations making lard sculptures and push them further. It wasn't really appropriate at the time to colour the lard, as I wanted my work to be purely from the internal. I now want to experiment with embracing the aesthetic aspect… Continue reading Sculpting with Lard