Practice Progression

Re-evaluating my Art Practice: Process

One thing that my Art Residency at Joya: Arte and Ecologia has taught me to do after only one week of being here, is to give myself time and space. Time away from the distractions of everyday life, and space to breathe- to reconnect with myself. Once I had these two elements, the core beliefs… Continue reading Re-evaluating my Art Practice: Process

Practice Progression

Creative Workshop at Stepping Stones (Part of the YMCA)

On 10th May 2017, I went to a residential home which temporarily houses people recently discharged from psychiatric hospitals, much like a halfway house before giving the residents support to find their own place to live after 6 months. I organised a workshop during Mental Health Awareness Week, where I did worked with people living… Continue reading Creative Workshop at Stepping Stones (Part of the YMCA)

Artist Blogs

Hedwig Houben: Five Possible Lectures on Six Possibilities for a Sculpture (2012)

I am really interested in Hedwig Houben's approach to performance, and the way she interacts with sculptures in the space. She experiments in a lot of her work with blurring the line between the process and the finished piece, and this has been an aspect present in my own practice which I have been experimenting… Continue reading Hedwig Houben: Five Possible Lectures on Six Possibilities for a Sculpture (2012)

Artist Talks

Artist Talk: Mark Leckey

Mark Leckey introduced his talk by saying “I’m having a crisis.” Although that must feel like torture for him, it actually comforted me in a strange way. To know that artists who have ‘made it’, still go through times in their career where their inspiration dries up, makes me realise that it’s ok to sometimes… Continue reading Artist Talk: Mark Leckey

Gallery/Exhibition Blogs

Charley Evans: A Play on Rope

A Play on Rope was an audacious experimental solo show by Charley Evans, a first year student studying Fine Art at Liverpool John Moores University. The one-night-only pop-up show, situated at Zuhouse in central Liverpool, was an installation consisting of three television monitors showing experimental films, intertwined with bright orange rope and fragments of coal. The… Continue reading Charley Evans: A Play on Rope

Practice Progression

Reflections from my Group Critique on 30th March 2017

As we have already organised and curated a show as a group, our University tutor said that our crit should be an opportunity to experiment with work that is either unfinished, or finished work that we don’t really understand. Therefore, a few days before, I decided that I was going to show the version of… Continue reading Reflections from my Group Critique on 30th March 2017

Artist Talks

Caroline Achaintre

Achaintre started her talk by talking about her drawing as the thing that informs her other work. She then started to make her drawing into rugs. Achaintre then had many questions about showing the work such as: is the work a rug or is it an image? She did find it interesting as a piece… Continue reading Caroline Achaintre