Practice Progression

I Want to be This Branch

I Want to be That Branch.jpg‘I Want to be This Branch’ evolved on my Joya residency following an obsession with a specific branch sticking out of stagnant water from a creek. I became jealous of the branch, with its lack of purpose and undisturbed existence. I craved the branch’s same stillness and simplicity, so attempted mimicking its appearance and position in the creek by covering my body in the stagnant water and clay from the creek. As the remnants from the creek started to dry onto my body, a similar texture to the branch was revealed, and my body began to be at one with the branch.

Despite my feelings being short-lived, I still gained a sense of unity for a short amount of time, where I shared the branch’s existence. However, my emotional torment and the complexities of human life were still ever-present and prominent in my mind, leading to distraction, pain, sun burn, and an increased feeling of dissatisfaction. The longer I tried to overcome the elements, the worse my state became. I then sat up in the creek, covered in its remnants, and stared back at the branch, jealous once more.



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