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Researching for a piece of Creative Writing.


I have recently been inspired by Danielle Freakley’s ‘The Quote Generator’, which is where Freakley used just quotes for three years. This made me think about the notion of originality, and whether there is any such thing as being purely original.

Danielle Freakley ‘The Quote Generator’
Using just quotes/paraphrasing, is how I want to structure my publication piece, which is a piece of creative writing which will go alongside my degree piece at my degree show. It will have instructions on how to do a performance piece like the ones I have been experimenting with recently.

I’m concerned with materialism, the process, and doing things in the present moment, and I feel this approach to my publication ties this all together nicely. As research is incredibly important to my practice as well, the quotation will all be taken from the essays, books, performance pieces and artworks I have been studying over the last few months.

In terms of putting my quote citing a research in footnotes, my publication tutor suggested looking at an image of “Reading the Remove of Literature” by Nick Thurston (see below). I found this interesting as it put notes on a platform above the text itself.

I am now keen to start writing my publication piece and to start gathering all of the research I have done so far so that I can extract the quotes and start footnoting.


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