Practice Progression

Reflections from my Group Critique on 30th March 2017

As we have already organised and curated a show as a group, our University tutor said that our crit should be an opportunity to experiment with work that is either unfinished, or finished work that we don’t really understand. Therefore, a few days before, I decided that I was going to show the version of The Artist: Altered that I had re-filmed (see left). Screen Shot 2017-03-20 at 12.33.21However, after a tutorial with with my tutor, he confirmed doubts that I had about the colour of the piece, which is a concern I had as well. Therefore, I prefer the original film for the colours, despite the fact that they still aren’t perfect, to the ew film I made, despite the fact that the quality is far better in the re-filmed version. This has made me realise that it wasn’t the quality that was important for this film, it is what I was doing, and the aesthetics of the focal point.

To continue, when we were sat in the critique in the morning, I was going to project both of my film pieces one after the other so we could discuss them, though because I had discussed both film pieces with many people including three tutors, I didn’t think this would be useful, and I then said to myself “I would rather show a huge lump of lard rather than those film pieces”. In the present moment, I felt that I wanted to show something that was part of me, so I went to the studio and dragged the huge pile of lard from the show at the Royal Standard into the critique space, and put it in the centre of the room. This is because although I wasn’t a finished piece, or even a thought-out piece- it meant far more to me in that particular moment than either of the two film pieces did. I therefore decided to stay true to my practice and use a piece of work that has been recycled and reused many times, that has been manipulated by myself and my internal state depicted over and over again. That piece has history to me personal, physically, and I felt that on that day it was more relevant to the crit than the films would be.

The decisions I made on that day have helped me to highlight the aspects of my practice that are important to me right now, which is the process, the material, and the narrative- though the narrative portrayed in the correct way. I am going to keep these things in mind when I start to research and think about my degree show piece.


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