Artist Talks

Caroline Achaintre

Achaintre started her talk by talking about her drawing as the thing that informs her other work. She then started to make her drawing into rugs. Achaintre then had many questions about showing the work such as: is the work a rug or is it an image? She did find it interesting as insider-Wa piece of work though, which is why she decided to pursue it.

As Achaintre continued, she spoke about her subject matter focus, which was heavily focused on African masks, and making them out of wool (see left). The material choice was really interesting to me, as the wool is from an animal giving the masks a more animalistic quality. It was also quite surreal and interesting to see these masks made out of wool. She then went on to talk about her love of sculpture, where she then showed us an image of the work in exhibition. Juxtaposing the ceramic masks she made with the wool masks was again interesting, as Achaintre was playing around with materiality and juxtaposing the aesthetics of the objects in the space to see how they react and work in the space together.

There was then a visual shift in her work, where the work seemed to become bolder and more confident, as she seemingly became more used to the techniques she was using. When I saw the rug she made hanging from the ceiling this seemed initially odd to me as that is not their purpose: to be hanging from the ceiling.


However, some of the rug seemed unfinished, or picked apart. These shreds of carpet then dangled on the floor, which connected and grounded the work in the space (see above). I could then see Achaintre challenging the traditional purposes of her work, and challenging the way in which she curates it.


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