Practice Progression

The ‘Specific Points of Interest’ Series

On 16th March 2017, I exhibited the ‘Specific Points of Interest’ Series as part of the group show ‘If the Show Fits’, at Surtsey Projects Gallery in Liverpool.

Following on from my lard sculpture work and my recent film piece ‘The Artist: Altered’, I decided to push those ideas forward, by highlighting the process of my work, along with exhibiting the work at different points throughout the group show. I found this to be an interesting notion, as my work changed and evolved many times throughout the day and throughout the show, and I liked the fact that the work took on new forms as the audience then got to see different elements of my work not just one piece.

I exhibited the work in different phases to demonstrate the process of making my internal state a visual entity. Phase One consisted of myself making the work throughout the day focusing on different parts of my body, which corresponded with where the lard was placed on a piece of Perspex (see below).
Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 23.16.39

This was an interesting process for me as I placedfullsizeoutput_e4b.jpeg the lard on the Perspex which corresponded with my body. The lard sculpture based on my shoulders and neck was placed towards the top, my stomach was placed in the middle, and my foot went at the bottom. This is my interpretation of my figure at this point. After I had made the sculpture, I liked the fact that parts of my internal figure had been made, and I wanted to exhibit then in the show before I performed with them as planned.

After exhibiting the sculpture for the first hour of the show, I used another piece of Perspex to squash the sculpture, similar to the film piece ‘The Artist: Altered’. However, this time I used the part of my body that corresponded which each part of the sculpture to squash. This demonstrated the process of trying to eliminate negative feelings. Rather than eradicating negative feelings, by focusing on then, all that really happens in you make them spread.

Once I had finished the performance, I left the space and the now-squashed sculpture, which now looked more like a mono print. The piece had been changed so much I found it quite interesting that piece now looked physically deflated, flattened, and overworked. Once the show had finished, I picked up the sculpture and realised that it is now double sided and could be viewed from all angles. My internal sculpture can now be viewed from all angles, which is the same as the external body. This provided an extra level to the series I exhibited, and gave me much more to think about when developing this work further.


Film footage can be found on my Vimeo page:



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