Practice Progression

‘The Artist: Altered’ (2017)

fullsizeoutput_dc0For the film I made called The Artist: Altered, I juxtaposed the internal material of the lard once more, with the physical aesthetic of my own body. The material refers to my internal state which can overwhelm and occupy the mind and body. This is a film of me squashing one of my lard sculptures. By squashing the sculpture, I altered its aesthetics by using my body, and destroyed the structure that once was. The intention of the piece is to provoke feelings of initial discomfort, especially due to the sound of the lard and the realisation that the original sculpture is being destroyed. However, as I am also interested in the notion of self and social healing, this work is intended to be a cathartic, self-healing process for myself, and an experience for the audience to not only relate to, but also feel drawn into themselves.


Although the colours are bright, the sculpture is flat. This is what my anxiety can feel like- I have all of these interesting feelings and experiences to draw upon, though I feel flat in myself.


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