Artist Talks

Sion Jones


As soon as Sion started his artist talk, he wanted us to do an audience participation meditation session. This was incredibly interesting to me, as it linked into my work really strongly. Sion guided us through the meditation and talked about how we were to become aware of our thoughts, but not to get involved in them. We were told to focus of the breath and ourselves in the present moment. This is very similar to what I do when body mapping, though I am more interested in the work I make when I am in this state, rather than the state itself. The work is called ‘Empty Space’. He is interested in the little movements, the thoughts that arise and then pass. Being in thought and that simple state of awareness and not being in our world which is a constant distraction. Having that time to be, was really inspiring for me to see.

Sion then showed us one more piece of work, where he was meditating by a waterfall, and he seemed so peaceful next to the noise and commotion of the waterfall. Then, the film sped up dramatically, and shots were cutting between Sion getting more and more agitated, and the water becoming more violent. It actually got so jittery, noisy and frantic, it made me feel very very agitated and not-settled in myself. The complete opposite to how the guided meditation made me feel.


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